The Process


Collig breaks down the process of selling your business into a series of logical steps and you are guided through each step by a Collig Principal. The goal is attract a number of qualified, motivated buyers who will compete to purchase your business. Owners often receive unsolicited offers to buy their business. Typically, these firms will marginalize the value of your business with the goal of buying it significantly below its real value. One buyer can often mean no buyer under the terms you desire!

Collig’s preparation of your company for sale and presenting it to potential buyers includes the following steps:

We study your business, industry and marketplace

  •             A realistic valuation is established
  •             A list of prospective buyers is created based upon our experience and research
  •             An Offering Memorandum is prepared outlining the strengths of your business
  •             Prospective buyers are contacted, execute non-disclosure agreements, and are provided with the Offering Memorandum
  •             Solicit offers from prospective buyers
  •             Select the best offers and provide those firms with a more thorough review of your company including visiting your facility and a presentation
  •             Select an offer. Negotiate and close the deal with a letter of intent to buy.

A letter of intent does not guarantee a price or even a sale. Collig guides the seller through the due diligence process and remains involved through the closing and transfer of funds.

The Principle

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